Wednesday, 5 October 2016

A little value from a little one.......

 Just learn a little value from this little one,
he asks for nothing,
gives everything it can,
and gives till dies,
how small it is and serves with five leaves,
gives no complaint like we human beings 
 Small or Big serve your best,
    Small or big sweat and do the best



You live in the world of people
different from you,
be ready of when they show you their true
colors because you cant bare that pain,

      People are clever in this world, 
      trusting them is hurting yourself

  this little world has greater no. of people who,
  show their true colors at a point of time when you are weak,
  don't repaint them


 don't trust any ,
they are just flatters in form of friends,
they wont support in need,
but would come in ones well being
  Don't wait for a situation,
  test their courage and get the truth

Your Present

Forget your past ,
    live in your present
Think of your future but,
    don't worry for it
                    Because you have your present with you..................

         It all depends on your present,
         Wish it luck and it will wish you too.

Just see the clouds 

   how peaceful they are,
   have a comparison ,
   you and them,
   you go crazy
   they go violent, 
   but learn one lesson
   when you be peaceful,BE IT,
    try not to go violent 

                  Take the good lessons from a bad person,
                          Avoid the bad lessons from a good person